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Integrated management systems, but also the fulfillment of requirements from safety and engineering, can´t be reasonably ensured nowadays without EDV-systems. Because of that reason we offer our customers a standard solution in a total package (for instance an internet-based document management system for internal publication of QM-documents), but also in addition individual software on the same platform.

If you are looking for a safe, european-based alternative to drop box and the same, we can offer you a technical equal cloud-solution, with which you will fulfill the requirements of the EU-GDPR..

Keyword GDPR: Here we offer you a total package existing of documents, trainings and consulting, so you are maximally legally secured. We make the required documents for you like processing directory, process definitions for the practice of affected persons rights, templates for writings to affected persons and data protection authority, forms for the execution of data protection based processes and the same, and integrate everything in your management system. All the documents are accessible in the internet from our, for you established, document management system (DMS). We offer the according trainings for your employees.

The, from us developed, web-based IT-platform is called and offers the DMS-module as well as more modules, on their(which) basis we develop the individual solutions for our customers. You don’t need to run an own server for that. We are also for the security package (encrypted transmission, server activity, outage security) of the application responsible; the fee will be cleared over a cheap monthly-based license system. You can find more information to this system on our SDAlog-website.

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We also take over administration, user support, operating and developing management for further software products. We run for instance the platform for the modular driver’s manual of the FVMI (industrial union of oil companies of the WKO). Here the mineral oil express agents for Germany, Austria and Switzerland can assemble the driver´s manuals out of specific contents for their country, their export area and their own company. The basic contents will be updated to the current state by the members of the industrial union (of the mineral oil companies). Also, for the BP Europe SE we run an international used database for TKW and their drivers.

  • Software
    • CMS – Content Management Systeme for Websites
    • DMS – Document Management System
    • Intranet
    • Task management
    • Case management
    • System for electronic forms
    • Time recording system
    • Individual solutions
  • GDPR, data protection
    • Concepts, documents, processes
    • Data protection officer
    • Trainings
  • Hosting, Cloud-solutions
  • ISO 2700: information security
  • Graphics and layout - Dokumentenmanagementsystem